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When Must You Change Your Fridge’s Water Filter?

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Perhaps you already know that you have to inspect the filter of your furnace every month. Your mechanic reminds you when you should replace your car filters. However, what about the water filter of your refrigerator? What’s this component’s life expectancy? Do you also have to regularly inspect it? How can you determine when should you change it? When you miss maintenance, will you require St. Louis appliance repair services? Fortunately, the right way to maintain your fridge’s water filter is quite easy. Here are some of the facts you should know about it: 


Once you utilize a regular amount of water, you must at least change your filter every 6 months. This timeline can provide a quite safe bet that you’re not waiting so long that the filter won’t work properly anymore and you are not purchasing a new one soon that can waste money if miscalculated. 


Though an old filter may not cause harm to your machine, it’ll enable contaminants to be in your water. The bacteria that the filter would usually eliminate will retain in the water you will drink. Over time, it might have a foul odor and bad taste. Aside from that, the water filter can wear out or be overwhelmed with the development of bacteria. If this is the situation, it can possibly leak and make some issues with your equipment, which will cause your fridge the need to be repaired.  


How can you help yourself be reminded that your water filter must be changed every 6 months? Well, you can pair it with another task that you do on a 6-month duration, like your visits to your dentist. Also, you can just set a reminder on your phone or note it on your calendar. Another alternative you have is to have pre-ordering and delivery of your filters. With the help of this service, you’ll automatically get a filter replacement on a scheduled date and time.  


If you are unsure about how long it has been since you have replaced your water filter last time, you could pay attention for some red flags or indicators that mean you’re overdue and you need to have it replaced ASAP. Your water might have an unpleasant taste or unpleasant odor. Once the water pressure has been continuously reducing, this can also indicate that you need a new filter. 

Other options 

If you would like to permanently eliminate this task on your list, you can utilize a water filter system for your entire home. You can do this instead of filtering the water when it comes to your fridge. This system will be set up at the water source of your house and it can help filter all the water in your house. This is especially beneficial especially for those homes that have particularly low water quality. The enhanced water quality could result in less wear and tear on sinks, showers, and some of your appliances.  

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