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Why is Slime Popular?

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Slime is popular for a lot of reasons, but mostly because they’re gooey, stretchy, soft, and slimy. It’s the grossest thing that kids play with but they also can’t get enough of it. Even teachers are joining in the fun because slime is rather easy to make and incorporate a lot of science concepts that their kids can easily learn.  


Slime is very easy to make. In fact, there must be hundreds of instructional videos online showing you how to make slime. But of course, the best ones are made by professionals and sold in stores everywhere. You can get slime for sale cheap online, too.  

What You Should Know about Slime  

If this is the first time that you see slime in the hands of your kids, don’t panic. Slime may look sticky, cold, and clammy, but they’re generally safe. For as long as your kids are not eating it, they should be okay.  

Also referred to as Non-Newtonian fluids, slimes come in different viscosity levels. If you decide to make one for yourself, then you can define how gooey your slime will be. Adults can play with slime too because it simply feels good on your hands and between your fingers.  

Slime is a state of matter that sits between liquid and solid. It’s not liquid although it flows and takes the shape of its container. It’s also not solid because it’s simply too soft. Slime is a combination of both, which is why it is fascinating.  

Different Types of Slime  

If you think that all slimes are the same, you are gravely mistaken. There are different types of slime, depending on the ingredients that they are made with. Oobleck slime, for example, is one of the easiest and cheapest type of slime. You can squish it hard to make it act like a solid and it will act like as a liquid if there’s minimal force applied to it. That’s yet another science concept that slime is willing to teach kids.  

PVA slime is also a good example. PVA are a water-soluble polymer. This is the type of slime that’s used professionally, mostly in the movies. Here, borax and PVA is combined. It’s more powerful than the simple slime made with white glue.  

There are surfactants that can be used to make slime as well. This is something that you can do at home as well. All you need is detergent, table salt, food coloring, and container. This is something that you can make, although it’s something that not a lot of kids can play with. Some kids are allergic to detergents. If your kid is one, then you should not make or buy slime that’s made with surfactants.  

Aside from surfactants, there are also slimes that are made with suds and psyllium husk. There are also called as biological slime or what is also referred to as gelatinous slime. In fact, biological slimes are something that can be ingested, which is something that you can give even small children for their sensory activities. It’s just that biological slimes are not that easy to find.  

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